Saturday, December 25, 2010

Watch This Space...

Hiya, folks. Welcome to I Probably Liked It, my new blog.

Friends might remember a few years ago, when I posted a brief review of every movie I watched on my Myspace page for an entire year (it's probably still up). I had a good time doing that, and I think I reviewed somewhere around 110 movies, which isn't that bad, is it? After that year ended, I started watching fewer movies, and stopped writing about them. I just wasn't feeling it anymore.

A year or so ago, I tried my hand at writing a real blog. You know, about me, or whatever I felt like talking about at the time. It was pretty terrible, and quickly abandoned, but those few who bothered to read it (thanks and sorry, by the way) always said they wanted to hear about movies. I don't know why, but my opinion appeared to matter to them. I resisted. I just wasn't feeling it anymore.

I think I'm feeling it again now.

So here's the plan: Starting with the new year, I'm going to try to start watching at least two movies that I've never seen before every week. Then, like before, I'll post some words on that movie.

And as the title informs, I will probably like these movies. I don't consider myself any kind of impartial critic or whatever. I only try to watch movies that I'm pretty sure I'm inclined to like, and when a movie is over, I enjoy talking about what I liked about it much more than my gripes with it. Once in a while, a stinker might find it's way through, but you'll most likely just find a bunch of positive reviews in here.

Plus, I just really love movies, and when I like something, I want to tell people about it. So, keep an eye on this page in the new year, reader, and you, too, will probably like it (or maybe not).

Oh, and one final thing: Feel free to get on my case if I get lazy. I'll try my best.