Friday, January 14, 2011


Everybody probably knows I'm a nut for John C. Reilly comedies. The guy just cracks me up, especially when he's playing straight-up dumb characters. Jay and Mark Duplass' film Cyrus is a comedy starring John C. Reilly, but he's really the straight man in this one. Still, he's very funny and likable in it.

The movie is about John, a lonely man who meets Molly. They quickly spark a relationship, but John just as quickly figures out she's keeping something from him. One night he follows her home and discovers her 21-year-old son, Cyrus. Cyrus is a pretty messed up kid, and he immediately begins scheming to keep his mom and John away from each other.

What follows is a fierce battle of wills between John and Cyrus for the love and attention of Molly.

Cyrus is, of course, played by Jonah Hill, who is really fun to watch in this movie. He has honed his creepy, stalkery act from Forgetting Sarah Marshall to perfection. He also brings a great deal of depth to the character, and you can at least sympathize with him by the end of the movie. As I said, he's a pretty messed up kid.

Before I go, I better mention Marissa Tomei. She's good too, as the center of this bizarre love triangle (TM New Order). She's a little nutty as well, but you can still understand what John sees in her.

Cyrus was a fun little indie-ish comedy, and the cast shines in it. B+

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